Planet Earth, year 2159..

A group of biomechanical robots turn against their human creators. Due to a programming error in their system they start to terrorize people.. This gang of evil robots are known as "Killers from Hell".

Scientists working on an experimental device, the Cyclotron, find a way to defeat them with a particle beam. The robots are put on a spaceship, sent to outer space.. Hoping they would never return to Earth..

A couple of lightyears away the ship encounters a wormhole, sending it to "The Cybervoid", a distant world in a faraway galaxy. The ship crashes into an alien planet, only one robot surviving the crash...

These are the adventures of a lost cybernetic organism on a strange distant world.

The Mechabot Of The Unknown...



M.O.T.U. - the musical project
M.O.T.U. is a legendary avantgarde music project, combining different genres: experimental noise, grindcore, metal and influences from avantgarde classical music composers. The style is sometimes called "plutonium metal".

Formed in 1989, the band has released several demos, EPs and a compilation album in CD-R format.
The band has been featured on multiple various artists compilations on different record labels.
This is the method of the unknown..

Also note that M.O.T.U. is not about politics or religion of any kind.

LATEST NEWS October 2022: "Pulsar Planet" is out now! Download the song and the instrumental version here:

Pulsar Planet MP3

Pulsar Planet (instrumental edit)

Official MP3 download site
Soundcloud with official downloads
M.O.T.U. Discogs page
Guitar lesson for the song "S.S.P.E." - Tabs


A new instrumental, experimental, progressive rock project, formed in 2019. Metempsy O.D. has so far released two demo tracks, available at the site.

Official MP3 downloads

Usvart Gjenoppvåkning was formed in 2015. The music is metal with biblical themes in the "bedroom black metal" style. So far 4 songs have been released, both as downloads and a CD-R EP.
The meaning behind the song "Cross of St. Peter" is, according to the artist: "Don't confuse the Cross of Saint Peter with the inverted cross of the satanists ..

"The symbol originates from the Catholic tradition that when sentenced to death, Peter requested that his cross be upside down, as he felt unworthy of being crucified in the same manner as Jesus." - Wikipedia site


Project 23 Bitchute

Project 23 Youtube- Music from all the mentioned artists and more.

Plutonium Death- A noise project.

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