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NEWS 20 September 2019: NEW M.O.T.U. song available!

Ventral Trigeminothalamic Tract-Free MP3 download!

NEWS 23 November 2019: Project 23 BitChute channel: Project 23

Introductions to the bands signed on Project 23 Records, a MP3 and CD-R label that specializes in the most obscure acts in the scene.. We aim for "kvlt" status, not commercialism.


M.O.T.U. is a legendary avantgarde band combining Metal,Thrash and Experimental Noise. Surely too extreme for the average mainstream heavy metal listener, this is not your average mallcore. Influenced by thrash metal, grind/noise and avantgarde classical music composers. The year 2019 marks the 30th year in their career.

Usvart Gjenoppvåkning

This band can be described as unblack or "Unblackened Phantom Metal". A bedroom black metal project with truly unblackened message from the undark forests..

Usvart Gjenoppvaakning MP3

Metempsy O.D.

NEW: Everything about this project is shrouded in mystery. Their first instrumental track is available for streaming now. Very obscure material:

The Paracosm (Official audio)

Plutonium Death

Experimental Grind/Noise project. More info coming soon. Download MP3's at the official band site...

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